Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks and Treats

A decade of Halloweens for Sean. This year he is Garfield the cat -- orange and fuzzy with whiskers and attitude. I can't remember all the costumes of the past -- I know there was a slew of superheros including Batman, Flash and the Green Lantern. One year he was the Incredible Hulk -- it was the same year he tripped on a rock about a half a mile from the house and screamed the whole way home. He gave new meaning to Bill Bixby's line "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Another year he was Buzz Lightyear but I don't think we made it outside our cul de sac. After he received a candy bar or a bag of Skittles he parked himself on the stoop of the person's house and proceeded to unwrap his goodies and eat. After eight houses, a thick chocolate moustache, and a green lolly pop tongue, he was ready to pack it in for the night.

My oldest is on the cusp of thirteen, the teenage years. He seeks distance like a bee to a flower, giving me the duck and wave as he joins up with his friends. His costume is typical of his age -- a Vans sweatshirt, Levis and sneakers and a Scream mask, a pillowcase slung over his shoulder like a carefree shrug.

We even put the dog in a costume -- a hot dog. Not the most flattering costume for a dog who is half corgi -- who already is predisposed to heavy hips, a wide thick middle and short legs. He dragged himself along, his self-esteem surely taking a hit in such an unflattering, ridiculous get-up.

I stayed back at the house poised with a bucket of Butterfingers and Skittles for all the little ninjas, princesses, superheroes, raggedy anns and wizards at the door. Another Halloween here and gone like a blink of an eye. Where does the time go?

On a separate note, I recently finished an article about testing that needed to be done for Sean as part of a psychological evaluation requested by the county. If you'd like to read more, the article can be found at the following link:

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Gimky said...

Happy Halloween! It's amazing, right? The contrast between how two boys enjoy the same holiday. You really are so funny, by the way, in such a dry and unsuspecting way. It's so special! Love the description of the dog.