Friday, August 19, 2011

To Do Lists

With summer coming to a close soon, I should really be tyring to enjoy and bask in the remaining days. But instead, I've managed to bury myself in tedious to do lists in a futile effort to keep everything "humming" along and maintain a sense of normalcy (whatever that is). While working on an article I discovered why I am feeling miserable and by no means, enjoying what is left of long sunny days and warm temps.

Below is the link to what I wrote and what I will be trying to "accomplish" going further. Forget the organizing and alphabetizing DVDs, cleaning out the utensil drawer and labeling my son's hockey equipment with a label maker (and why do I even own one -- who was I kidding?). I'm ready to embrace something larger, more important and worthy of my time.

1 comment:

Gimky said...

I love that! I hope you don't mind, Katie. I'm totally stealing your new and improved to-do list as my own!